Family Portraits

A photographic record of Monique and Randall’s families looking spiffy.

Group photo at Cottesloe Beach, one of Western Australia's most popular spots for swimming, snorkelling, surfing and drinking in ocean sunsets.

Alex, Vanessa, Randall, Monique and Judy.

Alex, Vanessa, Monique and Judy.

Monique and her Mum Judy.

Surf's up with Bob & Eve Osborn (Judy’s parents) at Stanwell Beach, NSW (thanks to Vanessa, our “unofficial” photographer).

Justin, Maxine, Randall, Monique and Cliff.

Randall posing with his Mum and Dad, Cliff and Maxine.

Randall hanging with his bro Justin and brother-in-law Kim.

Brothers and brothers-in-law: Nick, Justin, Randall and Kim.

Nick, George, Randall, Monique, Jackie, Vanessa, Kim and Alex.

George, Monique and Jackie.

Sakalidis siblings.

Monique and Jackie.

Monique and Randall with YiaYia (George’s mum).

The view from Cottesloe Beach looking back at 'The Blue Duck' venue as our Happily Ever After Party guests watch our sunset beach photo session.