Happily Ever After Party: Perth

Photos from our Happily Ever After Party in Perth, Western Australia.

Our Happily Ever After Party was held on a lovely sunny, albeit windy day on Sunday the 13th of December (incidentally our 11 year anniversary of our first date had been the day before). Our party was held at the Blue Duck overlooking one of the best views in the world- Cottesloe Beach and the Indian Ocean and we were lucky to share this day with some of our nearest and dearest friends and family. We wanted to celebrate our marriage over good food, flowing drinks and excellent company -and we think we succeeded. See for yourself as you peruse the photos below.

All photos were captured by Photography by Emma Pointon at The Blue Duck.

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We carefully curated photobooks of our engagement and the never-before-seen images from our wedding. It was lovely to see people’s expressions as they saw these photos for the first time.

Monique isn’t craft minded but she had a “vision” for how she wanted her card box to look, and she was lucky as her mother-in-law, Maxine happens to be a master at all things related to arts & crafts. So Monique’s brief “black sand like we were married on” was created by Maxine using layers of paint, glitter and sea salt. Monique and her mum Judy went looking all around the neighbourhood for flowering frangipanis and the hibiscus came from Judy’s front yard. And at the end of the evening we had a beautiful box filled with even nicer words and well wishes from everyone.

Monique loves succulents and the colour red and rose happens to be her favourite fragrance. So again one of Monique’s “visions” required months of Maxine and Judy collecting lots of little succulents. Monique ordered these “mercury silver” pedestal vases from Ontario, Canada and had them shipped all the way to Perth (an extravagance). She and Judy then carefully potted all the little vases up and at the end of the night a few people were lucky enough to take these lovely displays home. Maxine and Cliff were kind enough to gather copious amounts of red rose petals to luxuriously decorate the room with- a little splash of elegant red.

It is always so hard to catch up with everyone when we come back for a visit, and in this case we hadn’t been back for 3.5 years (too long!). So this night was not only to celebrate our marriage but also to see and speak with all those lovely people in our lives that we hadn’t spoken to face-to-face for years. The photographer specialized in candid photography- she managed to capture everyone who attended.