Hawaiian Wedding

Monique and Randall’s wedding photos from Hāna, a tranquil, tropical paradise on the eastern coastline of Maui, Hawaii.

We were married on September 8th, 2015. We chose the eighth given the importance of it's meaning as an infinity symbol.

All photos were captured by Kaua Wedding Photography the the wedding was organised by Hana Wedding Company.

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We were married on Mahi'ai Beach, a black sand beach. The sand source is lava eroded from a nearby stream. Black sand beaches have a short life span and vanish after a few hundred to a thousand years as the ocean gradually sweeps the precious sand away.

Lei Exchange:

We presented each other with leis as a symbol of our love, commitment and aloha for one another. Traditionally the woman left a lei on the doorstep of her chosen man to show everyone that she wanted his hand in marriage.

Monique’s lei is made from pikake flowers.

Randall’s lei is made from ti leafs & stephanotis flowers.

Our first dance as husband and wife.

‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ was sung by CJ Helekahi whilst playing his ukulele.

Hamoa Beach (White Sand Beach):

This is a fine salt and pepper sand beach with lush vegetation, clear water and the best bodyboarding on the island. Hamoa Beach is heralded as one of Maui’s best beaches.

Koki Beach (Red Sand Beach):

This beach has a mixture of black, white and red sand. The dark reddish sand comes from the nearby red cinder hill, named Ka Iwi o Pele. The white sand is from pulverized coral. You can see the red crumbling hill in the background of our photos.

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