Surprise Engagement

Photo's from Randall's secret proposal on December 13, 2014 in New York.

On the eve of our 10 year dating anniversary, Monique and I booked a last-minute whirlwind trip to New York City. It had always been my intention to propose on this occasion, so I frantically scoured New York City for unique locations and decided upon Bow Bridge in Central Park followed by a mid-afternoon anniversary dinner at The Loeb Boathouse.

All photos were captured by Samantha Lauren working for Flytographer.

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Monique and I caught an overnight flight from Vancouver, Canada to New York City. Neither of us slept very well on the plane so we were rather exhausted upon arrival at our hotel.

Much to our dismay we were unable to check into our hotel room so we used the lobby washrooms to change clothes and freshen up before jumping in a taxi headed for Central Park.

I was rather stressed, unbeknownst to Monique, as I’d hired a photographer to capture our leisurely stroll and my secret proposal in Central Park. Luckily our timing was impeccable. Not even a delayed flight could derail my special plans.

Hand in hand, I took Monique on a leisurely stroll toward Bow Bridge - all the while, our photographer was secretly photographing our every move.

Five minutes into our leisurely walk around Central Park, my plans came to fruition. The proposal on Bow Bridge went off without a hitch, as I bent down on one knee to ask Monique to marry me. We received a round of applause from passersby, after which I informed Monique that I’d like to introduce her to someone. Much to her surprise, I introduced our photographer who had been busily capturing the proposal!

We spent an hour-long photo shoot on Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain, Bethesda Terrace and The Mall.

We had our 10 year Anniversary lunch at The Loeb Boathouse, seen in the background of the above image, following our photo shoot.

The iconic Loeb Boathouse offers boat rentals and gondola rides, as well as an exquisite dining experience all under one striking, green patina-coated roof.

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