We created this website as a means of preserving special moments in time- the experiences and events that we would like to look back on and also share with those important to us- our family and friends. We are lucky to have so many wonderful people to share these moments with, but since many of us live in different cities, countries and continents, this website provides a means to view photos in the comfort of your own home since we can't always physically be there to show them to you.

We met in 2004 at a close friend’s housewarming party, a few weeks later we eventually went on our first date and have been very happy together since then. On the 12th December 2014 Randall surprised Monique with a proposal in New York and we eloped in Maui, Hawaii on 8th September 2015. Since we love parties and we have family and friends in many places we celebrated our marriage by having Happily Ever After Parties in Perth, Australia and Vancouver, Canada, with a side trip to Sydney for a photo-shoot and visit with Monique's grandparents.

If you happen to be a stranger, welcome and enjoy our special moments in time.

- Randall & Monique

The following is a slideshow of our Happily Ever After Party in Australia.

Dr. Sakalidis

"A little song I wrote about a special doctor I know. The entire track was created with my voice, no samples, using the iMachine app."
- Randall